holiday decorating.

christmas time is, by far, my favorite time of the year.  family time, snuggle in a blanket while watching the snow fall time, dress my pup in christmas sweaters time, watch elf over and over time, drink coffee and bailey’s time… who could resist?  my itty bitty, 700 square foot apartment is fully decked for the holidays, with a miniature tree that glows in the darkness of the evening, diy christmas projects galore, a new bar cart with touches of gold and a table ready for entertaining

IMG_1112 copyIMG_1118 copy IMG_1119 copy IMG_1125 copy IMG_1132 copyIMG_1106 copy


fresh start.

after taking a long break, i have decided to get back at it and document all of my diy adventures/baked goodness (hopefully in step by step tutorials).  bear with me as i grow and learn in the world of blogging.  thanks for stopping by.