diy fur stool

after completing the desk, i felt like i could benefit from a small foot stool while i’m working on the computer (and, it’s dreary outside, so a project was in order).  after collecting the supplies, pulling out my staple gun and electric drill and staining the wood legs, all it took was an hour to complete my little{glamorous} foot stool!

supply board IMG_1159_1IMG_1156 copy IMG_1158


diy computer desk

living in a 700 square foot apartment means that every corner of every room needs to function for multiple tasks.  my living room serves as my craft space, my sit on my bum and watch tv space and my work on the computer space (not to mention gigi’s play space).  having previously owned a lap top, i didn’t have to worry about a designated computer desk, so purchasing my first desktop presented its own challenge.  i needed a small desk area in my already cramped living space that had the smallest footprint possible.

in the end, a floating shelf made the most sense.  two heavy duty brackets and a closet shelf later, i love my new desk and my cozy nook!  by trimming the shelf board with washi tap, it completed the look and added a pop of color to my “desk.”  (sidenote: clearly, i need some cord management, sorry for the mess.)

Untitled-1 IMG_1135 copy IMG_1137 copy IMG_1138

holiday decorating.

christmas time is, by far, my favorite time of the year.  family time, snuggle in a blanket while watching the snow fall time, dress my pup in christmas sweaters time, watch elf over and over time, drink coffee and bailey’s time… who could resist?  my itty bitty, 700 square foot apartment is fully decked for the holidays, with a miniature tree that glows in the darkness of the evening, diy christmas projects galore, a new bar cart with touches of gold and a table ready for entertaining

IMG_1112 copyIMG_1118 copy IMG_1119 copy IMG_1125 copy IMG_1132 copyIMG_1106 copy

fresh start.

after taking a long break, i have decided to get back at it and document all of my diy adventures/baked goodness (hopefully in step by step tutorials).  bear with me as i grow and learn in the world of blogging.  thanks for stopping by.

floral crown.

floral crowns/garlands are allllllll the rage right now.  my trendy little sister, molly ann, obviously wanted in on the action.  after perusing the four-story topshop during my last trip to nyc, i regrettably left their garland due to the crazy price (not too crazy, but astronomical to the everyday diy’er).  naturally, i began googling/pinteresting away to find the best way to recreate this boho accessory.  little did i know, there was an excellent tutorial on one of my fave blogs, (thank you, whit, for introducing me to the amazingness that is james’ blog).  straight to michael’s i went, and, a few hours later, i created the below. obviously, we couldn’t go without a photo shoot including the inspiration herself.
*disclaimer: the project was a bit more time consuming/trickier than i expected, but totally worth it in the end*

IMG_0464 copy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           d

IMG_0569 copy



new home. new chapter.

i haven’t posted in quite some time, but i wanted to share a sneak peek into my new home.  after living in a dark apartment in short north (tinted windows get old), i have moved into a light-filled apartment in the suburbs of good ole’ new albany.  after walking into my new place, my first thought was that of carrie’s when she walked into “heaven on fifth” and exclaimed, “so THIS is where they keep the light!”  needless to say, i’m pretty darn happy.  after two long days, my apartment is situated and all of my old pieces look new in the bright light of sunshine (kitchen and living room to come).

IMG_0073IMG_0077IMG_0069IMG_0081IMG_0093_1 copy